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The Alchemist Athelier began his journey in BSH’s Corporate Innovation Department three years ago, in 2016. Their goal: to make the art of perfumery accessible to all, offering perfume enthusiasts the tools, materials and knowledge necessary to produce a personal perfume of the highest quality. The result is the Scent Creator, the first perfume creation device which allows the production of personal fragrances, ushering in a new era of personalized perfumery. BSH contacted us in 2016 with a challenging task: to define such a typology of product that never existed before, to define its functions and interaction with the user, and definitely to shape it. We started by questioning and analyzing the user’s needs and possible interactions with the machine, in order to hit a design language that could merge the current tech-centered-generations with the ancient world of perfumery. Design and engineering development went hand by hand, with a daily improvement in form and function. Subsequently, we worked together with the whole team of The Alchemist Atelier to develop the user interface, material and finishing definition and detailing the inner components up to the production model.

Photo credit: The Alchemist Atelier




2016 - 2019


Marco Piazza · Ignacio Merino · Alberto Anchuelo · Carlos Sola · Matteo Recchia · Javier Lima



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