7.20 Protections – Awake 1.0

SEVENTWENTY was founded in 2017 and patented the ‘HexaGo’ technology redefining the standards of safety on biking helmets achieving the highest impact absorption and multiple impact protection. In other words, their helmets are more than two times safer than the standard. Together with the SEVENTWENTY team, we elaborated the product design language. Our Designer-Engineer Ping-Pong process has been as exciting as challenging since the first sketches until the production. Starting from paper sketches, we improved the design working shoulder-to-shoulder with the engineers to solve technical feasibility issues. After sharing our visions with the clay-modeler we proceed fully with the development of the helmet. Our design process comprised as well following the impact and stress tests and further iterations to enhance the usability of the prototype until realizing the model for production on A-Class CAD data. The product design language aim to communicate solidity and simplicity through a neat surface parallel to the underlying structure with few delicate lines reinforcing the shell. The perforations along the surface emphasize the honeycomb language while showing the ‘HexaGo’ skeleton. Each detail is crafted to lighten the helmet and improve air circulation. Finally, as fun as enriching for us, the graphics and color-and-trim language was as well developed by ALIGN.

Photo credit: 720 Protections







Marco Piazza · Ignacio Merino · Alberto Anchuelo

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