7.20 Protections – Circle

CIRCLE 1.0 is the result of the second collaboration with SEVENTWENTY. It is a bike helmet designed for the urban environment that takes advantage of HexGo technology to offer a helmet-commuter with exceptional safety. It was important that the result of this collaboration resulted in an object with a unisex character and a high level of customisation during the manufacturing process. CIRCLE 1.0 is built on a domed geometry simplified to its maximum expression. A delicate visor on the front of the helmet helps the integration of the helmet with glasses and avoids dripping in rainy weather.

The outer surface of the helmet has been intersected with a series of oblique planes that enabled us to work on the surface treatment in each of the sections. Alternating a matt finish with a glossy finish directly on the mould produces an asymmetrical three-dimensional effect that plays with the light and reflections that the surface of the shell naturally receives during use. In coherence with the surface graphic treatment, the air inlets have been positioned following the natural direction of the intersections resulting in a seamless integration.
CIRCLE 1.0 responds to the need for transverse, warm and delicate design. The variety of soft and earthy colours that SEVENTWENTY is proposing to the market makes the product suitable for a wide range of users.

Photo credit: 720 Protections
CGI: Align Office







Marco Piazza · Ignacio Merino


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